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Taylor & Tyler AC/Heating Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

The true answer is the one that is installed correctly. If you spend $10,000 for a new high efficiency A/C system and the company installing it does not seal the return air or does not charge the system properly, then the unit you bought is not working to its maximum capacity. They key to the best A/C system is to use a reputable company and have the system inspected by quality control after the job is done.
A good deal on paper is not always a good deal. Murphy’s Law is you pay for what you get. A good deal to me is a system installed correctly and the company installing it warranties there work and if you have a problem they come back and fix the problem. Quality work and customer service are two of the most important things when deciding on the company to install your system.
Yes they do. With air conditioning the name brand products are the one usually that are built the best. Each different brand has its own qualities to look for. Here are some things to look for when choosing a new system.

  1. Does the unit have a high and low pressure switch
  2. Does it have a 10 year warranty on the compressor
  3. Does it have a scroll compressor
  4. Are the fins protected by the housing around